Window Display Evaluation – Carnival Display

What did you do on the display?

In this group I was a leader, and I helped out with bringing all of the members together and helping display their true potential. I also helped brainstorm different ideas and allowing it to come together and guide the whole group.

What was the hardest part?

The hardest thing would had to have been the energy at the beginning. Before the window was even made, the energy was negative because no one really saw a good outcome from the brainstorms before. No one really saw a good outcome. But it eventually turned into a positive because I helped completely change the path.

What was the best part/easiest?

The best part of this whole project was me being transferred to this group because this is when my skills of leadership were put to the test, and it came out completely successful. And I mostly enjoyed seeing that because of my help, I improved the window and made it what it it now, with everyones help in the group.

What grade do you believe you should get? A+



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