Favorite Window Display of the Week – Burberry ‘Voyage Magique’ 2014 Christmas Window at Printemps (Paris)

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.45.57 PM

This display above was provided by Burberry for their 2014 christmas windows at Printemps in Paris, France. This is an extraordinary display towards my opinion because of how the idealist played with the visual. It included fantasy, with reality and added a feel in were one felt ditsy in a way. It is fantasy because of the idea in which the mannequins are standing on the clouds and how they use some sort of doll flying with an umbrella. Secondly, it is realistic because of the city in the backgrounds, the clouds, and the mannequins. Lastly, I expressed this is ditsy and clumsy like in a way because of the use of the background and the fact that it is upside down makes everything so much more interesting.


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