Critical Response Questions on DVF Article

According to the article what was the main issue being presented? The main issue in the article is about Diane’s success and failures as a female artist with the creation of the wrap dress being able to be used for any occasion and still manages keeping a relationship within herself and maintains as the amazing, grand image in the fashion/visual industry.

List of new words: 

  • savvy
  • flamboyantly
  • gamine
  • superficiality
  • exuberance

Do you agree or disagree about the main idea of the article? Yes/No? Why?/ Provide specific examples from the article to support your answer. The main idea of this article is about how she has many insecurities and struggles in her career like her tongue cancer and her failures of the wrap dress. With all of this she says “we can do it all. But not always at the same time.” and i couldn’t agree more with her. It it extremely true because everything that happens in our life within the time span is done for a reason of only our benefit. The difference is the time span is what effects you and it is what builds and make women strong at the end of the day.


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