Display Reflection

Do you think the display is a success? I feel extremely confident with my display and I know that all of my hard work for this project gave off a definite successful feel. I love how my dream of actually doing a Gatsby display became reality. I wouldn’t have done it any better. So yes, it was a complete success.

Which design elements do you think you used in your display? I think I used dimensions, scale, and perspective as well as using an accurate color scheme for my display.

What do you like best about your project? Honestly, I believe the best part was doing the background and the “chandelier”. That was my favorite because of the time and effort it I know it took me to do and just to see the amazing end result. Also I believe the small aspects really fell into category with Gatsby. It’s like my display gave a clear understanding of the book and what it really is, it appeals to people that have read the book, saw the movie, and also people whom have done both.

What do you least like? Like stated before, I was completely satisfied with my project.

What would you change for the future in your display? The only thing I would change is my egoism. I am very used to making a display based on how I see it, and I always fail to understand that not everyone has the same eye for understanding  the display like I have. So I should be able to make my displays more clear for all audiences.

What was the most challenging thing to do in your display? The most challenging part of the display was deciding what background to put because at first I had so many ideas to do and so many artworks. The thing is that Gatsby can be displayed in so many different ways so it is extremely hard to choose one. 

What was the easiest? The easiest part of the display was making it happen and come to life, because I already had clear idea of what my display was going to be and what materials I needed.


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