Andy Warhol Article Response

Self portraits in Andy Warhol’s time was pretty huge because it was like giving a new image to the people. In the way that Andy Warhol took self portraits were different because it involved plastic surgery hiding the real image of the person. It caused society back in the day to want a “perfect” image for themselves. This can relate to self portraits today because it reflects on how people also want to look perfect for their pictures too. However, today you don’t have to actually do plastic surgery and really rearrange your face for the perfect selfie. You can easily use photoshop to change the way you look. Before self portrait had a lot more value because a new way/style of art. It was the most popular since Cubism with Picasso and all other cubist artists. It was called photographic imagery. I think photos have been carried around for a while for a purpose of carrying images and society has grown make it look more perfect by fixing so many things up for just a picture without recognizing that perfection is difference. And without difference there wouldn’t be no purpose for variety and beauty.


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