Weekly Inspirational Post – Lana Del Rey


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This week my inspiration is Lana Del Rey. She is a singer/songwriter and also a model. She is inspirational to me because of beside her music she has an educational background of studying something she wanted to study. She didn’t just study come thing because of what it would leave her in the ending of it. It is like she did what she really wanted to do and that was to study Metaphysics, a branch of Philosophy in Fordham University. She had a rough childhood because by the age of 15 she went sent to boarding school in Connecticut because of her alcohol dependence. But with that struggle she was able to balance her life and be successful. I love her music. Her music is like this orchestral and atmospheric 60s-inspired music. I love how I can listen to her music all day and I won’t get tired of it. Her voice is so antique that it goes perfectly with her tones of music. She is truly an amazing artist.


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