Decades Post – The 1940s

Colors: The colors in the 1940s began to brighten up a bit. Considering that this decade is different from the last. It introduced the pastel, solid, and soft colors in their color palette. This shows that there was a sort of enlightenment due to the colors being brightened. The colors are what expressed the people’s mood and emotions.

1940s Colors

Fashion: In the 1940s, and as the decades pass, the women’s silhouette continued to change and show more of the women’s body shape. The shoulders became more padded up and the women’s waistline began to get smaller and clothing would really hug the women’s hip tighter.

1940s Fashion 1940s Fashion 2 1940s Fashion 31940s Fashion 44

Furniture: The furniture of the 1940s consisted of Retro Renovation styles. Since the 1940s was post-war from the 1930s, they styles were renewed into something different. This included their Rattan furniture.

1949s Furniture 1940s Furniture 2 1940s Furniture 3 1940s Furniture 4

Cars: As the decades went by, cars began to improve and upgrade little by little. Their appearance, engines, and even lighting changed. Here are some examples:

Buick Roadmaster Convertible Sedan 1947: $2,651

1940s Cars 2

Cadillac Series 62 Coupe De Ville 1949: $3,497

1940s Cars 3

Chevrolet Fleetmaster 1946: $1,280

1940s Cars 4

Ford Sportsman 1947: $1,931

1940s Cars 5

Movie Stars:

Vivien Leigh (known for playing a role in That Hamilton Woman in 1941)

Vivien Leigh

Ava Gardener (known for playing a role in The Killers in 1946)

Ava Gardener

Cary Grant (known for playing a role in His Girl Friday in 1940)

Cary Grant

Gregory Peck (known for playing a role in Duel in the Sun in 1946)

Gregory Peck


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