Article Response – Ms. Selleck Article

The article basically talks about the different things that visual designers have to deal with, but it becomes an advantage because it can help to be different from other retail stores. It helps make your idea become original. Another thing that is talked about in the article is how many visual designers make mistakes that are common in many windows and how they deal with it. And that is one thing I agree with. Many designers make mistakes. Mainly because it is human. And the best part is that you make a mistake and learn how to improvise with the remaining tools that you have and it might turn out to be even better than the original idea you might have been doing. The author states that small specialized stores need to basically diversify their ads concepts. I kind of disagree with the author in that sense because to my opinion, small specialized stores will never really overcome the popularity of larger and more diverse stores. They are categorized as small stores for a reason.


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