Weekly Inspirational Image – Interior Design

This week, my inspiration is Interior Design. Mainly because that is what I want my profession to be. I want that to be my main career. Interior Designing is the basic understand of the spaces you will occupy, and how you obtain the knowledge to furnish the enviornment in which they all go together. In that case you are applying business, artistic, and creative skills to the test. I find Interior Designing to be my favorite because it all starts out with floor plans and I absolutely love making floor plans. The fact that you have to move around and see every wall and every inch that you have to draw fascinates me. And then when you see your enviornment/room/space that you are working with, you get these amazing ideas of all of the color schemes and furnitures from other decades go together and you make it as your own. After all of that, your client will choose what appeals to her and you are left with this one idea and when are beginning to provide that idea into a reality, the original beauty is not the outcome but instead its the process of it all happening. I just truly love Interior Designing and I hope one day I will become what I aspire to be which is an Interior Designer.


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