Weekly Inspiration – Inspirational Quote


This picture contains a quote that is my true inspiration. It means a lot to me because of the journey that awaits for me for what I want to achieve in life, can be mine as long as I begin that process. I feel that people can definitely relate to this quote. We all want to achieve something or strive for something and to get there is not that hard as long as you begin it. My goal is to be a better person than I am today, to reach to an extent in life where I can say that I am happy, and within those thousand miles I can realize that the true beauty of trying to reach that goal is the actual journey itself. The journey is a true beauty because it’s where you fall, and learn to get back up again. It’s where you are being declined and neglected with others negative thoughts, but you maintain to hold your ground and be positive, trying even harder. And with no doubt, it’s when you have so many thoughts of quitting, and finally you just give yourself one more chance. And to think, all of that can be your journey if you just begin that one single step.


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