Window Display Designers Response – A New Way of Advertising

Windows displays are a form of art showing what a store has. Before, window displaying was a minority, but throughout time it became a major part of advertising in which everyone has begun to put their attention into. “The most critical first impression on the customer.” I couldn’t agree more with this idea. It is indeed the first impression because you are showing, in your best way as a window designer, customers the store and its “great” merchandise. You are trying to draw attention for people to come in the store. Attention is brought to the store by using techniques. Those techniques can be the following, motion, smell, simplicity, focal point which means to play with scale, and many more. My favorite technique is definitely the focal point technique because it makes you clueless. You never really know what the designer will provide for you. Let’s say for example, you were a window dresser. If you were told to design a window for any store you wanted and your main technique was to use focal point, what would you make the window display look like? Keep the image you have in your mind and visualize it very well. Guaranteed for sure, everyone else around you thought of something different. And that is exactly my point, when you provide a technique like focal point, it will always be different and thats how the clueless feeling begins to arrive in your mind. One point I wanted to come across is what you need to be a successful window dresser. Window display designers have required to have the patience and communication skills to deal with different businesses. Those aspects are extremely helpful when needing to handle the job. One aspect I find interesting is the “creativity” that people need to have the job. As a person I always believed that everyone in this world has creativity. However, we all just have this image of a stereotypical creative person that people just shut their minds out to believe they can’t do it so they might as well not even try. Everyones ideas are extremely precious and any idea can always be improved and be even better. I also feel that creative minds are not only those who just think outside of the box on their own but help others see that other vision to help spread the new ideas. Everyone is creative in their own way, they just need the right thing to open up their minds to be able to show people what they are capable of.


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