Gene Moore – “The Creative Genius”

Gene Moore was a man of many ideas. He gave a new meaning to creativity and thinking outside of the box, more like he had a third eye. His basic goal for all of his window displays was to make sure people saw them. Being a former window display artist, mainly of Tiffany & Co., he brought his own customs to his designs; he saw a beauty in everything. “He could make a carrot glamorous.” says Wansley about Gene Moore. From gumdrops to eggs and playing with scale and perspective, he was definitely the man for it. Towards my opinion, the idea of Gene Moore decorating a jewelry store with eggs, gumdrops, or any other crazy prop is fascinating. When you think of displays, you think of the original clothing, animals, and regular jewelry. However, you never think of eggs and/or gumdrops as being a prop to build up something else. That is what I enjoy about him the most. The fact that we see an egg as a food or for as a typical Easter design of any other place, but when he saw an egg, hundreds of ideas popped in his head of how that egg or gumdrop can be portrayed, and nicely. What I found interesting is that being such a successful window dresser wasn’t his first priority of what he wanted to be in life. Therefore, it shows that you might practice to be one thing but end up doing another for the rest of your life. His strategies were helpful because it helped the creative minds that wanted to continue that career, have just one more push to continue and come up with even more displays. Moore’s technique of playing with scale is very interesting as well. His display of the large pearl shows difference in which you noticed the strangeness of it. And it made you want to look at it because it is unique. Playing with scale has its price because it doesn’t always come out how you expect it to be. It is a very skeptical project that many fail to do, except Gene. The most important thing about being a window dresser is improvising on what window display you do and/or what is its size. Gene Moore worked on windows that were 3 feet high, which is technically small when it comes to windows. But, within those small windows, Moore improvised and made the best out of them. And that’s where his techniques and strategies helped others. And that is a key point today for many window dressers. You have to improvise and make the best out of what you have, but never lose sight of what point you are trying to make. He was able to keep the essence of jewelry but also add a touch of wit and grace to his display. Meaning he played with the scale in adding strange touches but maintained that respect in the display with the jewelry. And who would have thought a man who dreamed of being a painter soon became something completely different and totally better at it. Gene Moore’s work was amazing. He did things that many others didn’t do. He was a creative genius and is the role model of all window dressers today. His work was exceptional and over-the-top elegant and unique. And he will always be remembered for that. Long live the creative genius!


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